Farang finds he isn’t a bank


Dear Hillary,

Maybe 10 thousand baht isn’t a lot of money for some of your readers, but it is to me. I went and did a stupid thing by lending 10 thousand baht to one of the girls at my local bar. She had borrowed a couple of thousand from me in December and paid it back in January, so when she asked for 10 thousand I swallowed hard but said OK. She said she would pay it back at the beginning of February. Well we’re into the end of February now and nothing. I can’t get any sense out of the other girls in the bar, just a “She go home.” What do you think Hillary? Will she come back? Will she bring the money?


Dear Jason,

While I feel for you, there is an old saying which goes “Never a lender or a borrower be.” You were lulled into a false sense of security because she paid back the previous loan, but she could probably get the small amount reasonably easily, while the 10K is more difficult. If it goes over three months, then chalk it up to experience Petal. It was a cheap lesson, provided you don’t fall for the same trick.