Farang complaint


Dear Hillary,

My problem is different as I am complaining about what farangs are doing in this town, making very abusive remarks about me and my son when we are out shopping together.

We are a very normal family, with my Thai wife and I still very happy after 15 years. Our son is 14 and a normal teenager. But when we go shopping together, that is my son and myself, we hear all types of remarks which a 14 year old boy should not have to hear. I know there are farangs with young boys, but the people should not believe that everyone is like that. This is my son!

What should I do? Go up and fight with them, or ignore them, which is very difficult as I am a normal Dad and want to protect my growing son. I get angry just writing about this abuse.

Normal Dad


Dear Normal Dad,

I agree that it must be very annoying, but fighting with people never fixes anything. I suggest you get a couple of T shirts made with “He’s my Dad” on one and “He’s my son” on the other. It should be enough to stop the background innuendo. (And that’s uncomplimentary remarks, not an Italian suppository!)