Family ties


Dear Hillary,

What is the attraction of the primitive villages in the north east that these Thai girls come from?  At every opportunity they seem to go back there, for to see Mama, or another funeral, or a special event at the local wat.  Funerals?  There seems to be one every month.  These villages must be dangerous places!  My Thai GF won’t even take me to the village because she says there is no food for me to eat as theirs is too spicy and only cold showers and I like warm showers.  What is the pull that makes them go back?


Dear George,

Have you ever heard of “family”?  Family is very strong in Thai culture, and remember that in these small villages, everyone is a relative of some type.  When your GF says that her sister is sick, this does not mean “sister” as you know it.  It just means a female from the village.  There will probably be some shreds of common DNA, but that’s all, but that still means that your Thai girlfriend should go back and help.  You’ve heard that you marry the family – well, that’s what it means, Petal.

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