Face lifts everywhere


Dear Hillary,

I’m thinking of having some cosmetic surgery done. I’m mid 50’s and the lines on the face are getting very deep and the skin is changing color. I’ve been out in the sun all my working life so got lots of sun spots too, but that’s on the arms and I don’t worry about them. The big shopping centers have plenty of face lift clinics, how do you choose the best one? They’ve all got pretty girls outside trying to drag you in, and one of them will get me in one day for sure, but I want a good place.


Dear Jerry,

I did a bit of detective work for you. First, you want a plastic surgeon, not a cosmetic surgeon. The Plastic group are board certified, the Cosmetic lot are not necessarily so. The major hospitals can tell you how long their surgeons have been practicing, and what operations they like to carry out. The pretties outside the clinics are not the reason to use that clinic’s services. The “greeters” are just doing their job, so they can’t tell you how good or otherwise the surgeons are.