Eyes open yet?


Dear Hillary,

I have wondered what it must be like to wake every morning to a pile of complaints from (usually) the love-struck members of our community. When do you start? As soon as you wake up or after breakfast? I’m sure others would like an insight into the life of the Principal of Pattaya’s College of Disaster Management Every Friday (PPCDMEF).


Dear Jeremy,

I don’t really know what other Aunts do, but I start as soon as my eyes are open. Note I didn’t say what time my eyes open, as some days this can be quite late and depends on how many bottles of bubbly I have managed to swill. Four bottles in one day really isn’t really ‘drinking’. I was correct in calling it ‘swilling’. Unfortunately, the number of times I have four bottles in the fridge are few and far between. I get lots of promises, but not lots of bottles. I note you didn’t send any.