Evil’s last words?


Dear Hillary,

I had to laugh at the last nickname you gave me which was Evil Knievel. A few years ago I gave a lift on my motorcycle to an English woman who gave me the same nickname. The following day she bought a car, not sure if it was my riding had anything to do with it! But Hillary Anger Management is the way to go, it works wonders, now I don’t get angry, I get even! Seriously I am only joking, as you know we have to realize that probably 50 percent or more motorcyclists and motorists have paid for their license, never having taken a test. Although by what we see it seems like 99 percent have bought their licenses, 5,5,5,…sorry, that should be Ha, Ha, Ha… Dear Hillary never give up your column, it makes many peoples day, mine included of course….All the very best…

Evil Knievel (The Resurrected One)


Dear Resurrected Evil,

I am so glad to read that you continue to be alive and kicking, though I am sure your current steed would have an electric start rather than the old kick start lever to try and break your ankle. As far as the lady passenger was concerned, no wonder she went for the safety of four wheels. Wouldn’t catch me sitting side saddle behind you with your history of up-enders and that’s on top of the motorcycle crashes. Thanks for the kind words.


Dear Hillary,

I feel a special sorrow for the closed shops I see on major streets. Tukcom was delightfully busy today I am happy to report and the mandated removal of so many stalls within the place has made it much safer to shop in the event of a need of an evacuation should it be required. There is room for customers to escape a fire now. So things are better and worse. Fewer Russian tourists and more Chinese in “all inclusive” buses clogging the streets, filling hotel rooms and fixed priced prepaid dinners, but less for better restaurants.



Dear Robert,

You have certainly got your ear to the grindstone, or something like that. Yes, the Russian numbers plummeted as quickly as the ruble. We don’t get much directly from the Chinese influx, though the flag makers are doing a brisk trade on yellow flags on sticks, and a whistle. However, escape a fire in Tuk Com? The elevators can’t be used and the stairs are so narrow it would be impossible to use them with three notebooks under each arm, a pocket full of GoPros and two printers. There has to be an upside as well as the down.