Everything is dandy


Dear Hillary,

There are so many lovely girls in Thailand, how come all the people who write in to you seem to have picked a dud?  Are all Thai girls as bad as they are painted by these guys or what?  I get nervous about coming over for my next holiday when I read all the horror stories.  Is there some easy way to pick a good one?

Yankee Doodle

Dear Yankee Doodle,

Don’t worry, everything is Dandy!  You are forgetting that there is a legion of lovely ladies out there who are doing all the right things by their men, be that a short term arrangement or a long term steady/married situation.  These people do not need to ask Hillary for advice, so you are getting the wrong impression if you think everyone is like the sad people who write to me.  Many of them do try and warn the tyros, but I believe their situations and their problems do not really represent the majority of farang/Thai liaisons.  However, remember that in any man/woman relationship there can be problems.  Look at the divorce rate in your own country, for example.  The last figures I read were 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce and 60 percent of second marriages go down the alimony alley as well.  The simple answer, Petal, is to use discretion and judgment before plunging headlong into something that could be an unsuitable partnership!  Avoid all those who “lub you too mut” on the first date!  There are others to choose from.