Eating – a wonderful pastime for visitors


Dear Hillary,

What restaurants would you recommend for new arrivals to Pattaya? We will be having relatives from the UK coming to stay in our house over Easter (we will be away) and we will have to advise them on places to eat. They will try Thai food, but will eat European most times as they are afraid of spicy food. Middle of the road and not too expensive please, Hillary!



Dear Foodie,

Your relatives will arrive in Paradise. Every cuisine in the world is represented in Pattaya somewhere. Now let’s get over the spicy food problem. Many restaurant menus have little red chilli indicators beside each dish – one, two or three grades of spicy heat. You can ask the service person to make the dish “mai pet” which means “not hot” and they will relay this to the chef. Suggest to them that they stay away from their normal British food of fish and chips and a Balti curry and try something different. Some of the food courts have different styles/cuisine to choose from, and the one on top of the Royal Garden Plaza does this. Get a few back issues of the Pattaya Mail for them with the restaurant reviews by our Miss Terry Diner. She always gives an indication of prices as well as how to get there. And if all else fails, they can take me to dinner and I will show them!

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