Drunken philanthropist


Dear Hillary,

One of my workmates is getting sillier and sillier in his old age (62).  Goes out, gets a skinful and starts giving away his money to the nearest bar girl.  They of course won’t accept the money because he is drunk, and if you believe that you’ll believe anything!  The money is gone in a flash, as does the girl.  Next night he’ll do it all again, and it’s no small bikkies either.  He generally has around 5,000 baht in his wallet, and away it goes.  I have to end up paying his check bin as he doesn’t have any more money left.  What should I do?  Leave him there, or what?


Dear Joe,

You can’t really just leave him there, even though you might feel like it.  What you have to do is just not go out with him on these drinking sessions.  You must know which bars he frequents, so don’t go there.  What he does on his own is his responsibility, just don’t be there to end up having to pay for his stupidity.  Of course, if he has so much money he doesn’t miss the odd 5,000 baht, tell him to pop into the Pattaya Mail offices and leave the money in a plain brown envelope, with “For Hillary Only” on the outside.