Dress shop romances


Dear Hillary,

Like you always advise us, look for the “good” girls, and I have found one, but there’s still a problem. She works in a dress shop and is really quite a stunner. I pass by every day and if she spots me, I always get a wave and a big smile. Sometimes I catch her outside the shop and she is always happy to chat. But today she just looked away and I was too embarrassed to go further. Hillary, I have put six months into this, and I am starting to feel the chase after “good” girls isn’t worth it. What do you suggest?



Dear Jurgen,

You have been smiling like an idiot and nodding for six months and you wonder why this girl has given up on you? Come on, Jurgen, six months and no invitation to dinner, movies, lunch and all the usual ways of getting to know a “good” girl. I would have given up on you by three months, Petal. Your girl from the dress shop was hoping for some excitement in her life. What did she get? Grin, grin, smile and nothing else. Some days you men amaze me with your gormless approach to life. Be a little more brave next time Jurgen.