Dozey? Who me?


Dear Hillary,

Where do all the dozeys come from that write in for help? Every week they bob up with another ridiculous problem. Thailand is the easiest place in the world to live in, so why do they have so many problems? They should thank their lucky stars they are able to live here, instead of moaning all the time. I live here and do everything here and I don’t have any problems.

Living and Loving It

Dear Living and Loving It,

I am so pleased you are so pleased with yourself, Petal. I take it that ‘humility’ is your middle name. Really, it is time that you learned that not everyone is as fortunate as yourself, and for many, Thailand is not such an easy place, with strange customs, language problems and many distractions and traps for the unwary. Have you never bought a buffalo, or bought a young lady a drink? You should thank your lucky stars you have come through it all so easily.