Down from the family farm


Dear Hillary,

So many of the blokes who write to you deserve everything they get from the girls in the bars. Why don’t the stupid B’s learn? They’re in the bar doing the job that you wouldn’t get your women from your home countries to do – that’s put up with grumpy old has beens. They’ve been forced down from the family farm because the family needs the dosh. That’s the way they make money to send home, Gramps!



Dear Joe,

You certainly got out of bed on the wrong side this morning, didn’t you, Petal? What you should also realize is that the girls who work in the bars do it because they can make more money than they would as a checkout girl in Family Mart, and not all of them are “forced”. OK, so the girls have to take some acting lessons, but the men who keep their brains turned on get enjoyable company, while their bar lady companions keep the rest of their bodies turned on. So there are casualties along the way who write in to me for help and sympathy, but don’t be too hard on them, Joe. You might have been that way once in your past, if I remember correctly.