Dogs, dogs and more dogs


Dear Hillary,

I’ve got no real problems with living here.  OK, there are some things that would try the patience of a saint (and I’m not one), but my problem is the dogs in our soi.  One house has four dogs which roam the soi, while another house has three dogs that are locked up, but spend their time barking at the four roaming dogs.  This happens day and night, and is starting to get me down.  I have spoken to the owner of the locked up dogs, but he says it’s not his problem.  He says the problem is the owner of the four dogs that run up and down the soi.  What do I do next, Hillary?  In the UK we would call for the dog catcher, but here it would be a full time job for about 3,000 dog catchers.


Dear Rover,

You have my sympathies, Petal.  The only dog to have is a Basenji, the breed that has no bark.  Quite honestly, your neighbors are very selfish.  Dogs should not be left to roam the streets of your village.  You can contact City Hall with your problem.  That may do something, and at least the neighbors won’t speak to you again, even if the dogs keep barking.