Diploma in bra fasteners


Dear Hillary,

Is it the same all over the world that a woman will let you undress her, but they always do themselves up afterwards? I’ve only got experience of the UK women and several Thai women, so that’s why I am wondering is it the same all over?


Dear Lothar,

Which I am sure is supposed to be short for “Lothario” with your “several Thai women”, are you having a joke, or making me think you must be a real stud? Either way it falls flat, my Petal, just as you do. The reason why your women dress themselves after a sweaty time with you, is that they cannot wait to get away from all your fumbling. I’m sure you failed bra hooking and probably try to put knickers on backwards as well. Can you blame us when you read such drivel? (Mr. Editor, do I really have to put up with idiots like this one?)