In defense of the side-liners


Dear Hillary

We had a highly efficient hard working manager of our condo building. She would be at paperwork nights and overtime on weekends. She was an excellent employee of an overlord national Thai management company. One of the Walking Street Buffoons came to me (I was on committee) saying she was “no different from any other whore out there” as he had seen her at the clubs. Of course “the male whore” did not think to apply the same appellation to himself.


What she does for recreation, husband hunting, or money is no one’s business. The typical “Pattaya Addict” is a multiple failure at relationships/marriages in their own country. They can neither change nor rediscover their humanity. Many of them are dysfunctional crazies. They are creatures to be pitied more than anything else and are fortunate for the company of a companion for pay.


Dear Robert,

Ooohhh, that’s an acid tongue you have this morning, my Petal. I do agree that whatever a person does in their own time, is their own business and nobody else’s. But while you are ready to spring to the rights of the Pattaya ladies, you are not spreading that advice to cover the males here. Is the “Pattaya Addict” really that bad? Perhaps they are happy paying for a companion for the evening, without the hassles of being told to put out the rubbish and the dog’s pooped on the carpet. As you say, “they can neither change nor rediscover their humanity.” But do they want to?


  1. While the guy in question is certainly a huge jerk for thinking that this women is a “whore” simply because she goes out to nightclubs, there is no reason to compare him to other people who frequent walking street and assume that they are also all jerks. This guy’s bad attitude has nothing to do with any other Westerners in Pattaya.

    And by the way, I know many Thai women with day jobs who are not “sideliners” but who still like to occasionally go out with friends to nightclubs in Pattaya. And believe it or not there are also some Western men who go out to the nightclubs and bars who never solicit prostitutes. In fact, I used to actually quite enjoy the nightlife scene in Pattaya myself, and I’m neither a “buffoon” nor an “addict”.


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