Deeper or dump ‘er?


Dear Hillary,

Getting hot and heavy with a Thai lady on this trip. She seems to be OK, but does drink a bit too much red vino for my liking. The problem is her circle of friends who all look a bit brainless to me, all married to some poor saps overseas, and all living the high life on their monthly ‘salary’ which comes in from the husband. I am wondering what do you think I should do? Get in deeper or leave alone?



Dear Max,

I am sure you have heard “Birds of a feather, flock together.” I think you should be looking very carefully at her friends. Should you get in deeper, Petal? I think dump ‘er, not deeper, is the advice you don’t want to hear. Sounds to me like she’s probably between men, or looking for a sucker so that she will get an easy salary like her close circle, who are not “brainless”. They are working the system very well.