Decide in haste – repent at leisure


Dear Hillary,

My Thai GF is a great gal in every way, but in general knowledge she is really behind.  Ask her the capital of Spain and she has no idea.  Only by digging, did I find she doesn’t know where Spain is either.  In fact just about every country holds no interest for her.  Good movies don’t interest her either, only those soppy Thai soap operas, or the supposed ‘quiz’ shows complete with bangs, buzzes and whistles and the compulsory katoey and a dwarf.  How can I get her general knowledge improved?  I don’t want her to meet my parents like this and show off her amazing lack of interest in anything other than spending money (mine) and eating.


Dear Jack,

I want you to go back in time to when you first met your GF.  What was the attraction?  If it was just sex, then you did not think very far, did you, my Petal.  Sex is for sale all over the world, and certainly is not the basis for a long and happy marriage.  Your GF sounds like she is not an educated lady, and would come from a family that also did not have the advantages an education can give.  You will not pack several years of school into a couple of months, and if you insist she will go her own way, after she finds another male with a bulging wallet.  I’m sorry to say you have put your money on a losing horse, Jack.  If you want someone to discuss the Eurozone, look elsewhere.