Day time tipple


Dear Hillary,

I like a drink, who doesn’t, but my fan likes a drink even more.  She’s getting into the hard stuff during the day while I’m in the office, and is definitely tipsy by the time I come home.  When I look forward to a home cooked meal, she’s too tired (or too tipsy), but really too far gone to take out to a restaurant, so now I go by myself.  I’m getting pretty p’d off with this but what can I do?  We’ve been together over six years, but the last two years it has been getting worse.  She won’t admit that she’s drinking so much either, and gets angry if I show her empty bottles.  What is the next step, Hillary?  Divorce?


Dear James,

This is a medical problem, James, not an Agony Aunt problem.  You must be getting near the end of your tether mentioning divorce as an option, but I believe it is the final step, not the next step.  You have to sit down with her and tell her what you feel.  Try to get her to go to a doctor – if she’s drinking as much as you suggest then some blood tests might back this up.  However, if she won’t go, then you’re stuck I’m afraid.  Since you have been together for six years, I think you should take on the responsibility of trying to help her, but put a time limit on it, or you will end up being dragged down as well.  You have already admitted that you like a drink too!