Dark Missives


Dear Hillary… you’ve noted in the past that my missives are rather dark. I admit, thank you, that with a proviso, I believe that after 47 years in the kingdom, that I may have actually ‘seen it all’. It has been my observation that a vast majority of farang who come to Thailand as retirees are functionally broken personalities. A woman who’s been whored, for any length of time, suffers deep psychlogical trauma. That’s why so many become drug and alcohol dependent. A man who comes to troll the bars of Pattaya for companionship is on that stool because his own personality is irrevocably broken and likely is considered a misfit in his home country. She is ‘the walking wounded’. People who have been victimized almost always become victimizers…it’s a sad fact. When you put two broken personalities together you shouldn’t be surprised that the marital pot leaks like a sieve. My advice to your readers is to admit their failures and find entertainment value in the chaos which will naturally ensue from such relationships. But guys… never give a whore your keys and credit cards … you might be broken…but do you have to be stupid? Thinking that your whore will change for you is just crazy. Like Einstien (sic) said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result”. Year after year Hillary trots out the tales of punters woe and remorse…and you think it won’t happen to you… insane.

J West

Dear J West,

Are you related to the Ford styling man J Mays by any chance? He was only ever known as J Mays but later it was found that the “J” didn’t stand for anything. It was just a “J”. But I digress. I read your letter several times, J, my Petal, and I get the feeling that your advice (if I can call it that) stems from bitter experience. 47 years in the kingdom is certainly long enough to occupy several bar stools. I agree with the wise words of Albert Einstein, but he was not applying them to human relationships, a situation which is very complex (and if you are going to use the man’s name as justification, at least spell it correctly). You also make claims that bar girls are ‘walking wounded’ and victimized people become victimizers. What book did you get that from? You do use generalizations a little too much, but Thailand does have more than a few generals, I will admit. Certainly we see the same situations recurring, but it isn’t the same people bobbing up each year, so stay on your bar stools but choose several different ones each week.