Daddy’s friend


Dear Hillary,

You have helped me out before, but this time it is different. Let me assure you that mine is real. I am a forty year old divorced (14 years ago) British subject and I have a twenty year old daughter who lives in England with my ex wife. After my experience in the UK I have not had any real relationships with anyone over here, just the odd fling with a couple of girls, and certainly nothing serious. Now I find I am becoming increasingly attracted to a young Thai in our office. We go out some evenings for dinner after work and I enjoy his company very much. This next month my daughter is coming over for a holiday (I have not seen her for four years) and can you see the problem? I want to introduce her to my Thai friend, but do not know how she will react to her father having a male friend, and what do I call him?


Dear James,

For goodness sake, James, you are 40 years of age, not 14. Your daughter at 20 years old in the UK is probably dating two Pakistanis, a West Indian, the Huddersfield United football team and her hairdresser is living in sin with a gigolo from Golders Green. Wake up! This is the 21st century, not the 18th. Stop worrying and believe that life begins at 40. Or alternatively remember that today is the beginning of the end of your life, and start enjoying it before there isn’t any left!