Custody matters


Dear Hillary,

I have two children with my ex-wife. The kids (aged 12 and 10) spend their time half with me and half with their mother, but she is always trying to get them to stay over with her, when it is my turn. The kids are happy with the shared time (4 days with me and 3 days with her) but she is always trying to break the arrangement. Any advice for me?



Dear Roger,

The only advice I can give you in this sad situation, is to listen to what the children want. At their ages, they do understand what is going on, and their needs come before your ex-wife’s and your own. However, do be wary of offering “goodies” if they stay with you, instead of her, my Petal. You should also stay in touch with your “ex” as a ‘friend’. After all, you have the same interest in seeing the children grow up

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