Here comes the divorce lawyer


Dear Hillary,

My Thai wife tells me every night that she is going to divorce me.  The reasons are far too great in number to bore you with, but my problem is not the thought of impending divorce, it is the fact that she never gets any further than saying it is going to happen.  How can I get her to either stop the threats, or just go ahead and do it?  There must be other things that husbands and wives talk about, not just threatening divorce.  Or is this “martial” bliss after all?  What is your advice, wise Hillary?


Dear Roger,

A few weeks ago one writer was asking about communication between men and women, and I wrote that for some people they think that the art of good communication is to shout louder.  I think one of you needs to shout louder as there is something awry here.  Have you thought that it is time to talk?  Perhaps you could try that so next time when she threatens divorce, shout louder and tell her to either get on with it or give up talking about it.  If that doesn’t work, you can always get divorce papers drawn up and when she threatens divorce, whip out the papers and say, “Sign here!”  Lots of luck Roger, I think you’re going to need it.