Coach tour to Hell


Dear Hillary,

I arrived back in Bangkok yesterday after a 6 day break in Vietnam. Sailed through immigration and baggage collect- fantastic. Thought I would see what time the next coach was to Jomtien – 10 minutes, great. Bought ticket got on coach. Another English guy sat by me and we began chatting, Thai guy in front of us stood up and said no talking on bus, we carried on talking, he turned around again and repeated no talking, I used some old English containing the word off. Anyway, the coach departed and we carried on talking like most of the people on the coach. Before the coach had left the airport perimeter the driver pulled over and very aggressively walked down the coach shouting no talking on bus. Was it because of Songkran or has a new law been passed?

Confused expat.

Dear Confused expat,

You’re confused? That makes two of us. If the demand was in English, it was directed at you. If it was in Thai, then it was for everyone else. However, were you speaking very loudly, then the bus driver probably thought you were Chinese or Indian. I think it will remain one of the world’s great mysteries, sorry Petal.