Checking on bars on the daily walk


Dear Hillary,

One of your correspondents (Sad Old Walker) was complaining at the price of everything here, including girls for fun.  This could be me talking… as well as walking; I echo Sad Old Walker’s’ sentiments entirely.  He sounds as though, like me, that he’d be better off in his own country and only visiting Thailand periodically; and avoid getting involved in bar girl culture in any way at all.  It’s up (or down) to the girls to get clued up about their own self worth; though 2,000 baht a night is 100 percent more than I ever paid for female company a few years ago.  Maybe, unlike me due to a severe visual disability, Sad Old Walker could get hold of a push bike and become upwardly mobile?



Dear SOW2,

As I replied before on this topic, what is this 2000 baht a night nonsense?  And this is tied up with self worth you say?  What are they selling?  Accommodation at 5 star hotels?  Or raffle tickets?  Or sponsorship of chamber of commerce evenings?  I am sorry to read about your severe visual disability, perhaps this is why you are having trouble with 2000 baht.  Is it recognizing the big notes from 100 baht ones?  All very confusing.  Perhaps you could train the seeing eye dog to sniff out the 1000 baht ones?