Cheap Charlie looking for inexpensive lady!


Dear Hillary,

Found the nice girl and now looking for somewhere to go for the first date. She’s in her late 20’s, likes music, says she can eat European food and OK with wine. Got any suggestions for me? I don’t want to spend too much as it’s the first date, but don’t want to look like a Cheap Charlie.



Dear Scotty,

You haven’t given me much to work on. She’s late 20’s (that means 35), likes music. What kind, Petal? Heavy Metal or Chamber music, or karaoke? And has black hair and dark brown eyes. And will eat spaghetti and sprinkles chilli powder on it. And, Oh Yes, you don’t want to be seen as the Cheap Charlie you really are. My suggestion is to go to Jomtien Beach Road and into one of those large restaurants that make everything, farang or Thai, not too expensive and they generally have a live band as well. That do?