Cat and Coffee sessions


Dear Hillary,

I am a bored ex-pat wife.  My husband’s contract is for three years and I do not wish to get involved in small town politics.  But I do want to join a woman’s group here in Pattaya.  I am European and interested in art, poetry and local culture (but not the politics!).  I am multi-lingual, so language spoken is not really a problem.  What I am looking for is a group of women who are not “bitchy”.  Relocation to Thailand is enough of an upset, having had to leave my two lovely dogs behind, without unwittingly making enemies by being involved with the “wrong” people.  What ones are you in?  Please advise.


Dear Mignon,

Like all things in life, it’s horses for courses.  Women’s groups, like all clubs and societies, have good and bad members.  Some are angled towards special interests like yoga or sewing, others towards charity work, whilst others are more of the ‘cat and coffee’ sessions.  I only belong to the Secret Society of Advisors for the Broken-hearted and Lonely so I cannot give you first hand advice on which to join.  Look in the Mail each week and you will get contact numbers for clubs and associations.  Try before you buy is my motto.  Remember that there are also mixed groups such as the service organizations that might suit you more.  Good luck!