Careful of those chandeliers


Dear Hillary,

Any Thai girl I have had relations with has always said that they are “shy” and even wear a towel after the shower and then put the bra on over the towel and pull the towel out from under the bra. This is after swinging from the shandeliers (sic) all night. You seem to have all the answers, Hillary. What’s the reason?


Dear Gregor,

The first thing, Lothario, is you should learn to spell. If you can’t spell a word, then don’t use it. It is chandelier, not “shandelier”. Your word processor will indicate that you have the wrong spelling by putting a wiggly line under the word. You are trying to differentiate between ‘shy’ and ‘shyster’, aren’t you. You forget that any relations you think you are having are very shallow, and your girl’s actions are just to show you that she is ready to leave (after suitable payment of course).