Buy me another cola


Dear Hillary,

A couple of weeks ago a reader wrote to you with a worry over bar girls and their requests for “buy me drink”. Reader Chris wrote back with “Drink coke, buy the girl a drink or two and she will be happy, do not be pressurized into buying too many lady drinks though. If these girls think you are a soft touch you will find yourself surrounded by girls all wanting you to keep buying them drinks. Do not let them dictate the terms, you are the customer.” Just how much pressure can these girls heap on the customer? Surely all the punter has to say is “no more” and bosh, problem over!


Dear Glynn,

I’m afraid it’s not as simple as “bosh, problem over,” my Petal. The graduates from the Bar Girl University use the water on stone trick and can introduce other variables to the problem, such as massage. Remember, these girls are not fighting thirst, they are fighting for their livelihood, and that means money. My advice is that as soon as they are drinking more than you, pay the bill and leg it! That will take you to another bar and “Buy me cola,” all over again It is nothing serious, just remember that Pattaya bars are Disneyland for adults – but the rides are better!