Broke the ATM


Dear Hillary,

All the time I hear “She’s left me,” from the expats I meet. They don’t just go, but they raid the bank accounts, clean out the ATM’s and take anything of value from the house. What gets into these women? It is the expats that have made it possible for these women to have a normal life, and they spoil it for themselves. After they’ve spent the money and pawned anything of value, what is there? Back to the bar. That’s all.


Dear Jerry,

Human relationships are very strange, really. And when you put a foreigner together with a Thai lady you have two cultures which owe nothing in the past to the existence of the other. What the foreigner expects is not necessarily shared by the Thai. There is much give and take needed, on both sides. Unhappily you have only seen the “take” side, as reading between the lines, I think this has happened to you. I can’t undo what has been done, but go slowly Petal. You don’t need a “quickie” to last for the rest of your life.