British Standard (BS) Duck Test


Dear Hillary,

Have you heard of the British Standard (BS) Duck Test?  “If a bird looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”  Some readers have tried to make this apply to all ‘women’ in Thailand, and have really gone down the gurgler.  All Thai ‘women’ are not the same.  Thai women are not the same as western ones and bar girls are a different species altogether, and then there are the ladyboys.  The bar girls will make any young chap’s holiday memorable, but you have to be careful.  I think the (BS) Duck Test does not hold good in Thailand.  What do you think?


Dear Jack,

All women are very obviously not the same.  I’m not like that for one.  I agree that if you want a ‘good time’, the good time girls are there to give it to you.  The problems always arise when the smitten male forgets that a good time girl is just that – a good time girl.  A girl for the good times in life, not a girl who is good for life times.  It should also be understood that a beer bar is not an outside office for an accredited match-making and marriage agency.  And remember the (BS) Duck Test is just BS too.