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Dear Hillary,

I am starting to have doubts about my wife’s goings out all the time and rocking home in the small hours and usually well under the weather. Is there an easy way to check on her movements? I don’t want to hire a PI, because I don’t know just how trustworthy they are. I’ve heard of cases where they go to the wife and tell her they will say she’s not lying, for money of course. This way they get paid twice! A good little earn.



Dear James,

I have the answer – though I didn’t until I read Christopher G Moore’s new Calvino novel “Crack Down” where it suggests you can program her iPhone 6 to show where she is at all times. Easiest way is to get the programming done at the shop and give her the phone as a present. She will want to show it off to her friends, and there you are, just like a drone, watching her every move. Ooh it is exciting!