Bodyguard wanted


Dear Hillary,

This is a money problem, but you might not think it important, but I do.  I am coming over to Thailand for my holidays, and I don’t have a lot of cash to spend, but how should I bring it over?  You can’t get baht over here, travelers checks are a real pain, I don’t want to carry cash and credit cards are too dangerous as I believe there’s lots of scams and I don’t want to lose what little money I’ve got.  What is your suggestion?


Dear Mona,

Firstly, there’s no more scams here than in your own country, but you are wise to be careful.  I agree that travelers checks are a cumbersome way to carry money around, and they can be stolen and so are not really a safeguard for you.  Sure, don’t walk around with wads of cash in your handbag, and putting cash in hotel safes is fine, as long as you are at a top hotel.  Little B&B ones are not really secure.  The best way is for you to open a debit card account with your bank at home.  You only put as much into it as you want to spend on the holiday, so you can’t overspend.  Even if the card was somehow copied, the thieves cannot run up a large debt.  You withdraw at an ATM and never have to give the card up in a shop, where the numbers can be copied.  If this still worries you, then send everything you have to me, and I’ll look after it until you come over.  Honest, Petal.  I will.