Blossoming in the evening


Well Hilary you are really naïve. The “Evening Blossoms” to which I referred are those lovely young things apparently awaiting a bus on beach road and I, in a charitable mood, sometimes, offer a free “ride”! I tell them I have a full time lady in residence. Along with anatomy lessons, they frolic with full knowledge that they are part time and leaving no trace of their presence. I do not acknowledge the “cheating” description as the only thing my live-in companion is “cheated” out of is watching me sleep on the sofa and my “sports” activities bind my commitment to her more strongly.



Dear Don,

Thank you so much for the arboreal lessons. I had heard of Orange blossoms and Peach blossoms, but Evening blossoms were something quite new to me. Now, word of caution, my Petal, I hope you make sure that the bus they are waiting for is not one of the school busses. That could be a little dangerous for you, so please keep that in mind next time your live-in steady goes for a visit up country. I am also told that the ladies of the second gender like to frequent Beach Road, but fortunately the B. 100 fines administered by the local police force is keeping them under control. I also like to hear that your favorite blossoms don’t leave any petals behind. Perhaps you could employ one as a maid and get the best of both worlds?