Ben 10 and the Aliens


Dear Hillary,

Agony aunts in other newspapers like “Ask Abby” get their photos published with their advice column, but you have never shown us your picture.  Are you shy or are you malformed in some way?  There’s been some drawings of you, but we want the real deal.  How about it, Hillary?


Dear Ben,

I do hope you are not THE Ben 10, because of you are, I’m a little old for you, Ben.  Now, you impudent young man, I am neither shy nor malformed, but a picture with the column just wastes space.  Anyway, a young lady can’t take any risks these days by having people recognize her.  I remember when you could cross the street safely, but those days have gone, unless you actually live in Nakhon Nowhere (population 15 people and 23 buffalo, but one died this week, so make that 22).  Have fun, Ben, but watch out for aliens!