Bar girls aren’t doing it easy


Dear Hillary,

(This letter came in Thai language, so I have translated it for you, gentle reader.)  All the time the foreigner complains about Thai ladies from bar.  Thai ladies have plenty complain about foreigner too.  Come to bar, think they own everything, want boom-boom, but not want to pay lady.  Now no customers so Mamasan say lady go home, but with what?  No money to go home.  No money to send to Mama, and foreigner think he now can do anything.  Foreigner think not need pay.  We need pay too.



Dear Nok,

(I replied in Thai language to her, but here is a shortened version of my reply in English.) I understand your problems, but unfortunately we all have problems from time to time, and especially right now in the low season.  There are not enough rooms being filled in the hotels, so staff have to be laid off, and those staff are used to sending money home to Mama also.  There’s no ‘easy money’ like there used to be.  Just try to be the best in whatever job you choose, and you won’t get laid off.