Bank loans in Braille


Dear Hillary,

I met a wonderful girl in a new bar the other night. Beautiful nature, beautiful skin, lovely smile and figure, in fact I just fell for her. She comes from Udom, and that’s about all I managed to find out after about four hours and several “lady drinks”. The biggest problem was that she doesn’t speak any English, so I was trying to talk to her through a friend of hers who also works in the bar and who didn’t speak much English either. By the end of the night I was pretty drunk and did lend her 2000 baht. What should I do? Should I keep going, or should I give up now before I get in too deep?


Dear Nelson,

You’ve really got the telescope in the blind eye, haven’t you petal. You spent four hours (and several lady drinks) getting to know this lady and she can’t speak your lingo. What means of communication did you use? Braille? One thing’s for sure, young man, she certainly could talk her way into your wallet. Her fingers did the walking! Or was that “talking”? Kiss your two grand goodbye and stick to the old bar. It sounds safer.