Anyone want a DCM?


Dear Hillary,

With all the bars in Pattaya, you would think they would be doing their best to keep the customers happy. This just isn’t the case. These bar girls are the laziest people I’ve ever seen. Too much trouble to talk to a customer but stay in the corner giggling with friends or playing with their phones. If I was the owner of one of these bars they would all get the DCM (Don’t Come Monday) awards.


Dear Jerry,

Let’s deal with last things first. I presume you are an expat here, so that means you can’t own a bar to begin with. You can’t employ bar girls and you can’t dictate who gets the DCM’s this week. I agree that good employees make sure the customer is happy and being looked after, so if they are not, complain to the manageress. If that doesn’t do any good, change your bars. Anyway, what are you doing in the girlie bars if the first place? Wait till you have more experience as to what happens here and you will find you have become the center of attention. A few “lady drinks” always helps too.