Another vote for the Bar Girls


Dear Hillary,

My Thai wife and I are so glad to see you have had some letters recently showing the other (good) side of Thai marriages.  Unfortunately, it is the ones that are in it to clean out the foreigner’s bank account that get all the space in the columns, not the ones who lead a perfectly normal life in a perfectly normal relationship.  There’s lots of us with good marriages with girls who came from the bars.  I don’t think you should be as hard on the girls as you are, Hillary.


Dear Jason,

You are quite correct when you say that the everyday ‘good’ marriages don’t get the same amount of articles printed as those which turn out to be disasters.  This is easily explained as this is an ‘agony aunt’ feature, and so the people who write to me for advice, are generally in some sort of pain.  People in good marriages aren’t in pain, so don’t write in.  However, I am very pleased to get your letter, Petal, and those from the other two chaps a couple of weeks ago.  Gives me faith in human nature again.  You have no idea just how depressed I can get some days.  Chocs and champers make the pain less.