Another sucker!


Dear Hillary,

My best mate has just broken up with his Thai girlfriend.  They had been together for just a few months.  She says she wants to move in with me, but I don’t want to hurt my mate (we go on the town together every Friday night) and I’m just not sure about her.  Mate says she’s a gold digger and says he tossed her out because of it.  She says she left him because he was stingy, but more than that she wanted to be with me.  I’m really confused by all this.  Which one should I believe?  Will it be too risky to let her move in?

Bob’s Mate

Dear Bob’s Mate,

What sort of “mate” are you, Petal?  You describe the guy as one of your “best mates” who you go drinking with once a week, but you don’t trust him enough to believe him when he speaks of his ex.  Go into this relationship and you will lose your “best mate”, as well as your money.  Far too risky for you, Petal.  Stick with one night stands until you are a little older (and wiser).