Another moralizer


Dear Hillary,

I just had “short time” with best looking girl I had since I came here a year ago. Smart girl. She watch TV during the act. To my question she respond, as I said to you before, that she and all the bar hooker all hate men and hate sex extreamly (sic). But they have to buy food for their baby for their mama and for themselves (sic). After convincing her that I will never date bar girl she said that there are a lot of fools who date bar girl and milk them for a lot of money. Not just salary they get they also go to shopping center with their boyfriends every day since it’s the best place to hang out with good air condition and shopping. There (sic) the (sic) make their boyfriend buy them everything from clothes to shoes and accessories. And in the night they use all kind of tricks to avoid sex. Usually “very tired” to headache and stomach ache to period and so on. All that come (sic) from a mouth of a miserable hooker not a “happy hooker”.



Dear George,

Why do I think you are not someone who is looking dispassionately at the world around him, but rather someone with burned fingers and a desire to get back at all bar girls that he presumes are “hookers”? I’m sorry, but you are not bringing earth shattering news to the male population at large. I’ve seen all this before, my Petal, and so have the readers. And the fact that you could still perform while your bed partner watched TV shows how much of a desperado you really are. Part of me feels sorry for you, but that doesn’t last very long. Time for you to get a life and be thankful that the next sucker to be bled dry is someone else, and not you anymore. (This conversation is now closed.)