Another confused


Dear Hillary,

I have had this relationship with one of the girls in the local bar. If she wants a night off, I pay for her bar fine, and she comes home with me. We have a great time and I usually take her for som tam or something on the way. The other night I felt like seeing her, but when I went to the bar and suggested I pay bar for her she said no. I stayed for a while and then another farang came in and off she went with him. Are they all like this? I thought I had a pretty good relationship with the girl, but it must have meant nothing to her.


Dear confused,

“This relationship” as you call it, is nothing like the “relationship” as she sees it. She sees one customer who she can get to buy her out and buy some noodles. The other farang was probably offering two bowls of noodles. Your girl in the bar is a businesswoman, Petal. That’s where you are going wrong. You don’t buy cheese in a hardware store.