An invitation to dinner


Dear Hillary,

I would like to invite one of the girls from my work to go to dinner, but I am unsure of the way to go about it in Thailand. I have found that she is single, and apparently does not have a Thai boyfriend. She is very reserved, and I am told she comes from a “good” family. Should I offer to have someone as a chaperone? Or is this not necessary these days?



Dear Andy,

Goodness me! There is an old-style gentlemen left in this world! Honestly, my Petal, most educated Thai women are quite emancipated these days, but if you want to be very politically correct, I would suggest you just ask her if she would have dinner with you next Thursday night, and if she would like to bring a friend, that is quite alright by you. If she turns you down, I will keep Thursday night free, as long as there is French champagne on the menu!