Academy of dramatic art


Dear Hillary,

Every week there’s another farang that has been taken to the cleaners by one of the beautiful little schemers. These girls must go to acting classes they are so good at it. Nobody could be so good at it without lessons! Or do the lies come naturally. If so, how can any of us trust them? And how do you stop falling in love with them. Acting classes again?



Dear Ross,

Sounds to me that you are the first of this week’s tales of woe yourself. If you are referring to the bar girls, Petal, their job is to empty the punters wallets, as quickly as possible. Some of the older ones are very expert at this and can keep several men on the line for years in some cases. The younger ones are too urgent and just milk one customer at a time. Yes, they have training schools, as in on the job training. They watch the older and more experienced ladies of the night twist the drinkers around their little fingers and then take them away for intensive therapy, whereupon they return with an empty wallet and then beg for more. The lady can oblige by milking the cash machine after getting the PIN number. And so the money wheel is oiled and ready to roll again.