Dear Hillary,

I often come to Thailand and have stayed at many different hotels.  The thing that confuses me is when they quote a price with ++ after the number.  I am sure there is a simple answer, but I am a simple person and it escapes me at present.  It took me years to work out that ABF stood for American Breakfast!  I know I could probably ask them in the hotel, but I don’t want to appear ignorant.  I can ask you, Hillary without appearing like a goose!


Dear ABF,

It means plus service charge and V.A.T. (value added tax).  Hillary always asks on every occasion, as she likes to know exactly how much and what she is paying for.  Sure you won’t look like a goose, just smile and the Thais will be glad to explain anything to you.  Like you I also took some time to work out the American Break Fast acronym.