A Republican?


Dear Hillary,

T.G.I.F.  Finally the hysteria of so called royal wedding is over as well as the annoying hammering of newspaper, magazines and television not least our local True Vision.

In a living world struck by hundreds maybe thousands of ordinary people dying in war, political turbulence, rebellions and let me say famine, malaria, AIDS and so on, I am totally against and find inappropriate the huge publicity in progress since at least two months on the event that is not suitable to the current times.

The total cost of the show?  Huge and significant, enough to save thousands of children’s lives.  But who cares?

Have a nice weekend.

Concerned Farang

Dear Concerned Farang,

Unfortunately, the inequality of life as you have described it is part of the human society.  Certainly the Royal wedding will have cost billions, and further billions lost through absenteeism in the workforce, but what about the billions of baht to be spent on secondhand submarines in Thailand.  Farmers in the NE need assistance more than Thailand needs U-Boats, I would suggest. We are all imperfect, living in an imperfect world.  I’ll stop there, or otherwise I’ll get depressed.  You have a nice weekend too.