A Note for Nokia


Dear Hillary,

They waffle on about the ‘social media’ like Facebook and Twitter, but I reckon it’s more of an ‘anti-social’ media.  Go anywhere and all these girls are banging away on the iPhones and iPads.  Like their farang sisters they are no longer interested in talking to us fellers, or even some fun flirting.  Thai women are becoming boring, as all they think about is getting another 600 friends registered to pass on stupid items like “I’m in Royal Garden shopping.”  All I can say is I’m glad I’m not paying for it.  What’s your take on all this tweeting and such, Hillary?


Dear Jimbo,

You’re not that chap who is the world’s oldest rugby player are you, Petal?  If so let me know and I’ll get your autograph before you get the life squeezed out of you in the scrums.  (Aren’t I clever knowing they have these scrum things where they jump on each other!)  I’m sure you don’t take one of those I-things on to the pitch with you, I don’t think it was last too long.  Some of those rugby chaps are pretty brutal.

In answer to your question, we managed to live without becoming iTwits, and we can live without them still.  I am perfectly happy with my Nokia that allows me to talk to people and get phone calls in reply.  (Hint, hint Mr. Nokia, that’s a free advert, so how about a newer one for Hillary, eh?)  It’ll make a change after all the French champagne I don’t get.