A “John” in more ways than one


Dear Hillary,

A chap called John wrote in a couple of weeks ago complaining that his rented “wife” for two weeks was costing him a lot of money. He wrote, “The girl has got her hand out for this and that, mobile phone needs replacement, money for Mama, money here, money there. It really does add up. I think you should be letting your readers know about these things, Hillary.” Now I don’t know where he comes from, Hillary, but for as long as I’ve been reading your column, which is a few years now, you have been advising and warning all the “Johns, Toms, Dicks and Harrys” about just that problem. What does he expect? She’s got two weeks to make the biggest score she can, and she certainly found one sucker in John. It was up to him to just say “No!” What could she have done? Run away? That won’t happen, not while our John has anything left on the card. Don’t these people understand the financial nature of their lifetime friend after two weeks?



Dear James,

Like you, I wonder some days, my Petal. Are these people like John living in some kind of a time warp? They must think the price for everything has remained the same as it was 20 years ago? Unfortunately, everything has gone up in price in that time, so much so that I have to rely on hand-outs for my chocolates and champagne. I certainly can’t afford them on my salary. I agree with your comments James, people like John have to start facing reality regarding their liaisons.