A GF salary


Dear Hillary,

My Thai GF is now in the condo with me. It’s not a big one, just a one bedroom unit, marble floor tiles and such, so shouldn’t need much looking after. What salary should I give her each month? All she has to do is sweep and tidy and make a breakfast and an evening meal, probably four or five times a week. I’ll buy all the food and groceries and cleaning materials, and I pay the electric and water bills so the salary is just for her. Asking around, I get told anything from fifteen thousand to forty thousand, which sounds a bit heavy to me.



Dear Jimmy,

What is the job description for your Thai GF, come maid, cook, bottle washer and I presume bed warmer, since you only have one bedroom. Or should I call her your “slave”? The minimum wage for an employed person in Thailand is B. 300 a day, so there’s your starting point – nine thousand a month. You could try offering that sum and I’m sure she’ll be gone after the first month, taking the silver with her as well as her clothes. Have you told her what you want? Then have you asked her how much she expects? You might be in for a shock, Petal.