A fool and his money are soon parted


Dear Hillary,

Are the people round this neck of the woods getting even more stupid than before?  Mid-sixty year old Australian executive meets the girl of his dreams in a Pattaya bar and sets up house with her, in spite of counseling by his friends over here.  He goes back to sell his house, divorce his wife of 40 years and bring countless millions of baht back to Thailand.  However, Australian wife says “No way, Jose” and by the time the divorce lawyers have finished with him he has nothing left, and so brings next to nothing to Thailand, but at least his sweetheart is waiting in the house he bought for her before he left.  Only problem is that she has gone up country, after selling the house, which was in her name, naturally.  So now he has nothing in either country, no wife in either country, and at his age no good job prospects either.  And that guy was an executive in the banking business!  What can you do with people like that, Hillary?


Dear Flabbergasted,

Unfortunately, there’s very little you can do in these circumstances.  As you say, all his friends counseled him, but to no avail, he just went ahead and did it, going straight down the road to ruin.  Probably the only plus in this situation, is that he wasn’t dealing with your money.