A cross cross-dresser


Dear Hillary,

Some time ago I dressed in a women’s outfit for my girlfriend now my ex she informed my in laws of what I did and they are not pleased with me as it was a shock for me to get an email from them and now want nothing to do with me. I am going out with new girl and very happy. I have some personal details that would hurt my ex but I am in shock as she promised she would not tell anyone what I did and when I called to ask her what she had said she told me she did not tell anyone. I am in shock and do not know where to turn as I am ashamed.

Please help.

Thank you


Dear Thank you,

All this about a bit of harmless cross-dressing. Just what are you on about, my Petal? Cross dressing is everywhere. Even I have been known to wear a pair of trousers. Forget it and get on with life.